Sunday, June 24, 2018

5 Hard Facts About Getting Rid Of Acne.
. Multi - step Acne Systems Don't work:
Multi-step acne system made up of creams,cleansers ,toners, masks, and sometimes pills we're introduced years ago as a way to suck more money out of people who suffer with acne.
  The infomercials that sell them promise clear skin, but almost always fail to deliver. If you have acne you've likely tried at least one of these "systems", ask yourself, did it work?
   Have you ever met a single person who completely cleared their skin using one of these expensive systems? The answer's probably no.

. Constant Cleansing Doesn't Work:
 Over washing your skin is one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to get rid of acne.
You don't get acne because of poor hygiene , and you can't wash away acne no matter how hard you try.
The problem with over cleansing is that it dries out your skin and leaves you with a layer of dead skin cells that will clog your pores and make your acne worse!
 For the best result stick to cleansing your skin once a day.
 . Maximum Strength Creams and Cleansers Don't Work:
 You're only abusing your skin if you use maximum strength acne products. Your skin is delicate and these products are way too strong.
 It's like washing a silk shirt with acid. Stop using maximum strength creams and cleansers immediately.

. Holistic Acne Cures And Other Weird Stuff Does'nt Work:
 Some of these are just flat-out bizarre.
I've seen smelly Chinese oil made from roots and herbs that promised to clear your skin.
Self-hypnosis CDs that promised to get rid of acne.
Healers who claimed oily skin was the result of an I'm balance in your body.
One acne website said to rub raw eggs on your face.
 We can go on all day about wachy acne cures, but let's move on.
     What of Accutane?
        You may have heard about the prescription acne drug called Accutane.
It's considered the last resort for acne and comes with a long list of side effects that range from nose bleeds to suicidal depression, severe birth defects, and blindness.
Yes,this stuff can actually make you blind!
The drug companies want you to think Accutane is a cure for acne. It's not! Like most drugs Accutane doesn't cure acne, it only hides the problem as long as you take the drug ( and suffer the side effects).
 As soon as you stop taking the's right back to zit city.
If you're sick of living with acne-fed up with products that don't work as advertised - and want to find out how you can get rid of acne fast,take a minute to read this important message...

Saturday, June 23, 2018

What is acne?.

According to school of thought,acne is a skin condition characterised by red pimples on the skin,especially on the face,due to inflamed or infected sebaceous glands and prevalent chiefly among adolescents.
  It often causes white heads,blackheads or pimples, and usually appears on the face, chest, back and shoulders.
It is the most common skin condition worldwide.

  Blunt Facts About Acne:
. Acne is a disease. You can't cure a disease with soap and water.
Trying to wash away acne is like trying to cure cancer by taking a shower. Acne starts inside your body. By the time the pimple has surfaced, you're too late.
. Assaulting your skin with a barrage of medicated products severely dries out your skin which only leads to more breakouts. Stop using multi-step acne systems immediately.
You know the products l'm talking about but won't dare mention for fear of lawsuit. They tell you to wash your skin with their medicated cleanser- then apply an alcohol-based toner - finally, they have you pile on another medicated cream.

And if that wasn't punishing your skin enough a few even throw in a clay or sulfur mask just to make sure they suck every last drop of moisture out of your skin.

It's a lot of work and it kills your skin.

We've all tried at least one of these multi-step systems so don't feel bad - the way these systems are marketed make you believe the multi-step approach is the answer to your acne prayers when really they're the devil in disguise.

They're expensive,time consuming, and worst of all turn the top layer of your skin into a graveyard of dead skin cells that will clog your pores and lead to more acne.

. Use a gentle acne cleanser and avoid spot treatment creams altogether.
Don't treat your skin like a grimy bathroom sink by piling on the strongest products you can find. Using maximum strength creams and cleansers to get rid of acne is like using bleach to get rid of bad breath. It's overkill. In fact, some of these cleansers are so strong they burn your skin raw.
. Acne is temporary. Scars last forever. Keep your freakin' hands off your face!
Having acne sucks, but having a scarred up face is worse. That's exactly what can happen if you pick at your acne. Popping your zits is the absolute worst thing you can do. It won't help your acne, and it will leave you with lifelong scars.

Resist the urge. Don't pick, pop, or poke at your acne.
. Stick to the technique that are proven to get rid of acne- which l'll be sharing with you as we progress here, you're going to be surprised when you discover how quickly your acne clears up when you use them.
Stop using herbal remedies  and natural cures.
There was the Chinese acne tincture that smelled horrible and colored my skin orange , homeopathic immune system pills, rubbing egg yolk on my face, and creams made from just about every type of plant extract imaginable. I tried all these.
None of these cures are proven, none of them helped my acne, and some even made it worse!
. Just because it's posted on the internet doesn't  mean it's true. Stop believing everything you read on the internet.

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Friday, June 22, 2018


  Did you know that you can become free from acne? Would you like to learn the truth about getting rid of acne? Would you like to achieve that within few months?.
Let's read on and see how it unfolds.
Let me give you a short story before we proceed.
  ....I'm  just coming back from class,walking back to my room to have my breakfast,I reached the door and noticed that it's half open which is quite unusual because my room mates  traveled,I'm the only one in town. I was hearing whispering voice mixed with sobbing.I wondered what's happening,I gently opened the door ajar,lo and behold,it's my roommate Vivian.
  ...Vivian,what is smelling like a rotten egg in this room? I looked down and saw a small bottle half open in Vivian's hand.She has smeared some on her face. This girl,what is that weird smelling cream you're robbing  on your face?,she continued sobbing and told me that it's raw egg mixed with urine given to her by her sister,that it'll get rid of the acne on her face.
 You like my short story right?. You'll find out whether the weird cream got rid of Vivian's acne.